Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm a few days late blogging, but I did weigh myself on the first of the month.


Which means that in August I lost a whopping 4 pounds.  Which is a start.  I guess?  I had a pretty decent-sized meltdown the last week of August.  I had been killing myself at the gym, and had not lost a single pound.  Now, I know you're thinking, but I said I lost 4 pounds.  My weight fluxuates drastically from day-to-day and I haven't gotten back on the scale since 9/1 and I have no idea if 268 is where I am, or if I've boomeranged back up.  I don't really want to know (I also baked a little bit - and sampled - this weekend, so there is that).

I am noticing a tighter tummy and muscles in my legs, so I know all is not for naught.  I had grand plans the other day to take measurements, so that I can see that change in addition to the scale, but for the life of me I could not find my tape measurer (even though I know there is one in my apartment).  So I'm either going to buy one or find mine...  And with my track history, I'll be much better off if I just purchase a new one.

I've been... pretty good about the gym since I last posted.  Not great.  I had a concussion last week and so I skimped on some workouts and skipped others.  The good news is that when I didn't feel up to working out, I didn't feel up to eating either.  School started last week and I'm working on finding a balance between school, homework, working out, and work (which starts this weekend).  I've also volunteered at a local therapeutic riding center one day a week, and that starts this weekend. 

September goals:

Acquire a tape measurer and take my measurements.  Post said measurements so that I can't lose them.

Stop getting on the scale once or twice a day.  Once a week is good.

No more than four fast-food meals this month (this accounts for the nights I have late classes and don't want to think about cooking a healthy meal at 8:30 at night).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

8/22: 1 hour step, 1 hour zumba
8/23: 1 hour body conditioning, 1 hour kickboxing
8/27: 1 hour step
8/28: 1 hour elliptical
8/29: 1 hour step
8/31: 30 mins elliptical
9/1: 1 hour body conditioning